Here at Fitted Kitchen Sale. We guarantee that no other kitchen company can come close to us on price and quality. Show us any written quote from any kitchen company and we will beat it by 40 % and you won't pay a penny until you are happy with it.

At Fitted Kitchen Sale, we offer a totally free of charge Design Service where one of our experienced designers will call at your home at a time to suit you and will discuss with you your requirements and then draw you up your perfect kitchen design and leave you with your design and quote to go and show other kitchen suppliers to see if they can come close to us on price and quality. So why do we at Fitted Kitchen Sale think that we are better than the rest.

10 Points Promise

1. At Fitted Kitchen Sale, we are 40% cheaper than our nearest competitor.

2. At Fitted Kitchen Sale, all our cabinets have solid back panels unlike B & Q, Howdens, IKEA, Homebase and most other kitchen companies.

3. At Fitted Kitchen Sale, every single kitchen cabinet component is edged all around unlike most other companies that only edge the visible parts.

4. At Fitted Kitchen Sale, we only use PVC edging tape which is five times thicker than paper edging tape that most of our competitors use.

5. At Fitted Kitchen Sale, all our kitchen cabinets are guaranteed for life unlike any of our competitors' kitchen units.

6. At Fitted Kitchen Sale, all of our drawer packs come ready built to save you hassle and expence.

7. At Fitted Kitchen Sale, all of our drawer packs come with metal soft closing drawer systems at no extra charge.

8. At Fitted Kitchen Sale, we offer a totally free of charge delivery service.

9. At Fitted Kitchen Sale, we dont ask you to pay for your kitchen until after it's been delivered.

10. At Fitted Kitchen Sale, we will not tolerate high pressure sales techniques.

  • Cathedral Ash Kitchen Units


Black Glass. (Not just gloss but the real thing, 'Glass'). Glass kitchens are not available from the majority of kitchen companies, but when we at the Kitchen Factory were looking for a black Hi Gloss kitchen to add to our range, we refused to market the normal PVC wrapped Hi Gloss version that looks beautiful the day it's fitted and then becomes riddled in scratches as time goes by...

Black Hi gloss shows scratches that are marks of imperfection like no other colour.

For 18 months we refused to sell Black Hi Gloss even though we were losing sales but instead we went on a mission to find the perfect Black Hi Gloss finish. We tried piano paint but it still scratched. Then one night over a few beers we worked out that the word Gloss was just a word that was trying to be Glass but it couldn't. It hit us, someone had taken the 'A' out of Glass and replaced it with an 'O'. That's when we decided to put the 'A' back into Gloss kitchens and that was the night that our Glass kitchen was born. We had finally perfected it. Made with toughened glass, this door cannot be scratched unless you've got a diamond. Unlike other black gloss kitchens this kitchen can be cleaned and polished to perfection.

During experiments with normal Black Hi Gloss doors we discovered that every time we tried to clean the doors it only added to the marks of imperfection. But we've cracked it, if it's Black Hi Gloss you want then it doesn't come better than ours, and what's more exciting is that we can actually sell it to you for less. This kitchen including a Black Glass Oven, Hob + Extractor is yours for only £1995

Please don't ignore all of our hard work. This really is the perfect Black kitchen and to prove it we're guaranteeing all doors and cabinets for a lifetime.